"Where's the best place to get married in Tenerife?" "What's the best Tenerife wedding venue?" "What can I do to make my Tenerife wedding perfect?"


Relax! We know your wedding day is right around the corner, and like many couples, you have so many questions buzzing in your heads and have spent ages poring through tons of wedding websites to get the best ideas for your Tenerife wedding. With so much to do and put in place, it can be exceedingly overwhelming for anyone and all too easy to exhaust yourself before your big day. Your wedding day is one of the most precious moments of your life, and you want it to be the best day ever! For such a special day, you deserve nothing but the best wedding planner Tenerife to make your day even more special.

As the best wedding planners in Tenerife, we have what it takes to make your dream weddings in Tenerife come true. We understand how important wedding days are, which is why our wedding planners put in their all to make your special day your most beautiful memory.

You can rely on our meticulous and creative planning skills to make your day fun-filled and perfect! Whether it's an intimate wedding or a huge wedding party for thousands of guests, we've got your back. Our expert Tenerife wedding planners offer a wide range of professional planning services including proposal planning, full and partial wedding planning, express wedding planning, wedding and honeymoon planning, same-sex weddings, intimate weddings, and renewal of vows.

Your Number One Tenerife Wedding Planner

Our Tenerife Wedding planning is guaranteed to suit all your personal requirements and everything is carefully tailored to cater to your personal taste. We will help you sort out everything, from helping you get the best wedding venues in Tenerife, planning the most unique Tenerife beach wedding, to getting the most luxurious and affordable wedding hotels in Tenerife.

If you want to get married in Tenerife, it is advisable to choose a reputable and affordable Tenerife Wedding planner, who not only speaks the English language, but also, the native Spanish language.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tenerife Wedding Planner?

Please contact us for a no-obligation quote to plan your dream wedding in Tenerife. But, one thing we can assure you is that your wedding in Tenerife will be super affordable.

Trust Us Over the years, we have built an extensive list of reliable wedding suppliers; from Tenerife wedding venues, Tenerife hotels, wedding celebrants, bridal flowers, wedding cake, photographers, wedding decorations, transport, bridal hair & make-up, to entertainment, and much more.

We always negotiate quality at the best possible prices which you will benefit from.

Don't hesitate to share your ideas of your dream Tenerife wedding day with us and you will be pleasantly surprised that all of these worries can be easily ironed out by our professional wedding planners and those dreams you have will be turned into reality. Go ahead, get started!

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