Getting Married in Tenerife

Tenerife is becoming one of the worlds most popular destinations for weddings abroad,mainly due to the wonderful all year round climate it has to offer. Practically 365 days of sunshine.
Your wedding guests will never be bored in Tenerife. The amount of attractions and activities in Tenerife are endless.
Check out our Tenerife Wedding Planner.

Tenerife Wedding Planner

Weddings in Tenerife

The world is your oyster to marry in Tenerife with so many options to choose from and never have to worry about the weather.
A few ideas you may like to consider are Gazebo weddings, beach weddings, beach front weddings, church weddings, the list is endless.
You can even combine your special wedding in Tenerife and enjoy your honeymoon in the Canary Islands whilst you are here, now there is an interesting thought.

Tenerife Wedding Venues

Weddings Tenerife

Why choose Tenerife to get married?
Carribean weddings are sometimes just not affordable or doable for various reasons due to the long haul flight and hurricane seasons. Most airports from Uk and Ireland offer flights to Tenerife and the flight is just 4 hours. It´s affordable for your family and friends to attend. No jet lag or time difference to cope with .
Why travel any further when a Wedding in Tenerife can offer you more for your money and offers less hassle and stress?

Tenerife Wedding Planner

Wedding in Tenerife

We are very fortunate as a wedding planning team to have lived on this wonderful island of Tenerife , Canary Islands for many years. Enjoying its wonderful tropical climate it has to offer for your perfect Tenerife wedding.
Tenerife's coastline has something for everyone. The island's sub-tropical climate, has earned its title of
"The Island of Eternal Spring"

More and more couples are forsaking the unpredictable weather in their home country and are choosing to take their wedding celebrations to Tenerife in the Canary Islands where they can be guaranteed all year round sunshine.
Many couples book their wedding venue 12-18 months in advance to guarantee their desired wedding date , so don´t delay in getting in touch!.

We would now like to share it with you and would be delighted to host your very special Tenerife wedding.

Weddings in Tenerife sunset romance

Let us get started with your planning your Tenerife Wedding

Contact with all your dream requirements ie Style of your wedding,  approximate number of guests, colour scheme anything you can think of to help us begin to plan.