Wedding Toastmaster

Tenerife Wedding Toastmaster


Resplendent in his red tailed uniform, a Wedding Toastmaster will make your day run smoothly,
giving you, your family and friends time to relax and enjoy your very special occasion.

The Toastmaster's role includes:

  • Meeting you before the day to discuss in advance your particular requirements, advising on speeches and sequencing events.
  • Liaising with the banqueting staff, florists, photographers and videographers etc.
  • Ensuring guests are welcomed and directed to the appropriate place.
  • Organising and directing the Receiving Line.
  • Inviting guests to take their place for the Wedding Breakfast.
  • Introducing and escorting parents to Top Table.
  • Formally announcing the Bride and Bridegroom, and escorting them to their places.
  • Giving suitable Grace as required.
  • Announcing and conducting the cutting of the wedding cake, and inviting guests forward to take photographs.
  • Introducing each speaker with the appropriate preamble to make the traditional toasts, i.e.
    To the Bride & Bridegroom - normally by the Father of the Bride, or a friend of the family.
    To the health of the Bridesmaids - normally by the Bridegroom.
    To the health of the parents, of the Bride and Bridegroom - normally by the Best Man
  • Co-ordinating presentation of flowers, gifts as required.
  • Closing the formalities and retiring the Bride and Bridegroom from the table.
  • Always keeping a watchful eye and deal discreetly with any matters that may arise.
  • Ensuring that all guests are kept informed of order of events.
  • Introducing the first dance of the bride & groom.

This is just an outline of the kind of assistance you will receive.

Let your Tenerife Toastmaster help you have a very special and memorable day.