How to get to Tenerife

How to get to Tenerife

It´s incredible to believe that in just over 4 hours you and your wedding guests can be in this paradise island of Tenerife , Canary Islands with its superb Tropical climate it has to offer practically all year round.

In the south of Tenerife airport transfers vary from approximately 20 minutes to 35 minutes if you are staying in the south. If you arrive into the north airport, it is still only a mere 45 minutes to your hotel destination.

The other beautiful advantage is that there is no time difference to cope with, exactly the same time as the UK.

Sky Scanner will give you an idea of flights available from your nearest airport in the UK, Ireland , Scotland, Norway, Germany etc.



Regular flights to Tenerife from your origin offer your guests the advantage of being able to be present at your Tenerife wedding, even if they can only be there for a long weekend.